Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Sky is on the rise...

... and so are my astrophotography opportunities.

Two images are captured last weekend, and I'm quite happy with both of them.

The first one is probably the deepest M45 in Hong Kong:

Borg 77EDII + 0.7x reducer/flattener (357mm f/4.6)
Takahashi EM11, unguided
Canon 5DMkII modified; ISO800
LPS-P2 Filter
3min x 60 (3 hours)

The second one is my first successfully autoguided image:

Scope: Borg125SD + TS2.5Flattener (750mm F/6)
Mount: Takahashi EM11;
Autoguide: Lodestar, PHD, 50mm finder/guider
Camera: Canon 5DMkII modified; ISO1600
Filter: LPS-P2
Exposure: 5min x 27 (Total exposure 135min)

The optical systems are both new tries. I like the lightness of the Borg scopes so I got the 125SD for myself and the 77ED for my workplace. Both the Borg reducer and the TS flattener are working fine. If necessary the reducer can be used for the 125SD, which gives 525mm f/4.2.

Hope I will have another night of clear weather this weekend.

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