Thursday, December 18, 2008

Selling things

I'm recently selling my Canon 400mm F5.6L and my modified 350D.

A friend is already interested in the 400mm, dunno if anyone would be interested in the 350D....

The 400mm is an excellent lens for deepsky photography. The stars are all neat and tight and round at the corners, at least on an APS-C size sensor. It is ultra light and portable, it is even smaller than my FS60C. I hate to let it go but i don't have any serious use for it after the solar eclipse. My Sky90 has the same focal length but almost one stop faster, and it can be used with a 2" LPS, while the 400 cannot.

I'm not complaining anything about my 350D, its just I am getting a bit lazy and I want liveview with DSLR... Also its autofocus is not working really well for daily use, but i'm sure its the problem of all 350Ds but not only mine.

People are asking if i want to sell my 135 F2... you bet, haha.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Orion mosaic 02

One big heck of a project...

4x2 mosaic, 90sec x 20 each frame

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rosette Wide Field

Canon 135 F2, 90sec x 30

I have no confidence in whether much of the red nebulosity is real...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Film is going to end...for me?

After I had my 350D modified in June, the quality and quantity of the images produced this year already have far surpassed those I've done using film in the past 5 years.


Anyone who has any sense would not try this object (IC2118 aka Witchhead Nebula) under the sky in Hong Kong.

As I'm a person with some (though limited) sense, I actually did not try it. It is just a mere coincidence that I happened to record this nebula down as part of a 4x2 mosaic project.

What is suprising is, it is not only a detection, but a clear portrait of the ultra faint nebula.

Oh my god...

Canon 135 F2L, 350D modified ISO400, 90sec x 20

HKAS Shui Hau observation site, Hong Kong