Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pristine Eclipse Coming Up

There hasn't been an ideal Lunar Eclipse observation condition since 2000. The prediction for this Saturday has been perfect: crystal clear skies, freezing weather (not really compared to the US and Europe, though...=) It's time to do something SERIOUS.

2 proposals:

A: Widefield Timelapse
Use a wide field lens, set timer 10 min each, set and go, quick and easy.

B1: Prime focus with starlit background
FSQ106ED, multiple-exposure to get enough S/N ratio. The problem is the moon is constantly moving compared to the background stars. The total exposure can't be anything too long otherwise the moon will start to blur if Sideral rate is used.

B2: Prime Focus Earth Shadow
FSQ106ED, switch on Solar speed on EM11, set timer, let go...

OK I admit I am always greedy so I'll definitely go for A and B1 together haha.


Something has happened to my family so I have totally stopped imaging for a long time. Going to pick it back up during X'mas.

However I DID go to a dark place this summer just to relax myself and took a few shots... Not deepsky, just general scenery kind of stuff.

This is a place in Inner Mongolia. I went there with some students and we had a great time.