Monday, December 27, 2010

Finally some deepsky is happening....

Been astronomically vacant for almost a year.. finally starting to pick up some work done.

Also shooting from very light polluted sky, 3 open clusters were taken very lazily...

M35, M41, and M46/47, with exposure of 10x30sec, iso1600, 5DII modified.

Horsehead to come.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Old processed photos

I've worked on some urban deepsky photos last year late Novemeber. Haven't touched them much since acquisition, here are the results.

Each image involves 1 hour of exposure, 60 subframes of 1 min. Sky90, Modded 40D, EM11 unguided.

The background is not even, i don't really understand why even after PixInsight manual correction and IRIS auto correction the unevenness is still very prominent. THe are different patches all round the place which hinders post-processing of weak signals. May be it was because I haven't applied a correct flatfield...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Setup Reform

My imaging setup is currently under reform...

I have sold my modified 40D and is selling my FS60C, a scope which has stuck with me for 9 years and brought me a lot of joy and memories. What is left is Sky 90 and EM11. Newly acquired are the SG-4 and the Gitzo 3541LS tripod. I'm currently bidding a T mount photo lens to be used with the SG-4 on Ebay as well. I hope it will turn out fine.

With the new setup I can reduce the weight of the whole thing for 5kgs, which is really substantial.

I'm suddenly back with the interest of solar system imaging again. It's time to dig out my C5 and clean the optics, and maybe I can get an Imaging Source camera as well.

May be I should also consider a Mewlon 210, Or C9.25, or C8 EDGE HD....